Special events that are happening at First United Methodist Church, Chatham. 


Wednesday, July 14, and Wednesday, August 11

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


The Town of Chatham will decide on June 1 if events such as ours may be held. If you would like to save a spot, please send in your application WITHOUT the fee(s). If the Town approves our events, we’ll let you know, at which time you should send in your fee(s).  In the event of heavy rain, the Fairs will be held on the day following each date.  Listen for an announcement on Radio Station WQRC, FM 99.9


Service of Remembrance

Sunday, May 16

10 AM 


This will not be a full individual memorial service, but it will be an opportunity to acknowledge and give thanks to God for some wonderful souls who have graced our lives for many years. If any of our families or friends would like to place flowers during this service, we ask you to bring them with you, and we will have a special time to do that during the service.  See May 2021 Newsletter for list - click here.